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Why does FedEx sometimes require a signature?Updated a year ago

Although BloomsyBox does not require a signature, sometimes FedEx may require that recipients sign for International shipments. If your BloomsyBox is traveling from one of our farms in South America, FedEx may ask for a signature. You also have the option to sign for your BloomsyBox online--just use your FedEx tracking number, which can be found in your order confirmation email, to track the package on After locating your order, select "Sign for Package" -- often, with signature release, if someone is not at home to accept, FedEx will leave the flowers. FedEx makes sure its drivers keep packages safe and wants to make sure your package stays unharmed if nobody is around to accept. Also, if you would like to leave any notes for your driver, you can sign up for the FedEx Management tool.

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