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What is the Cancelation policy?Updated a year ago

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you must do so before the next bill date, or you will continue to be billed for the following orders. If you’re canceling due to an unsatisfactory experience, we want to make it right. Please get in touch with us by email at [email protected]

To cancel your subscription, log into your account. Click on the Subscriptions tab on the top left-hand side. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “More Details.” Select “Cancel Subscription.” After this, your subscription will not continue to renew. Please note: An email will be sent to verify you have canceled your subscription. 

Keep in mind that we process orders as soon as we receive them, so if you need to cancel and your first order has already been processed, we will only be able to cancel upcoming orders. Please be sure to cancel your subscription before your billing date to avoid renewing your subscription for the next cycle.

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